week 15 of 2018

week 13Artwork of the Week By: Sylvester Mubayi titled Baboon, Dimensions91x43x20 cm, 1942 Zimbabwe, a part of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe’s permanent collection
Sylvester Mubayi’s artwork depicts a baboon standing upright, grasping a cob of maize facing to the right. This sculpture expresses the coexistence of the species;

as man tills the land there is always a consideration that these primate cousins will occasionally pluck out cobs for their own sustenance. They are revered as totems by some clans and seen as a threat to others silos. The caricatured length of the baboon's face fills one with wonderment as it is carefully balanced on an arguably disproportionate figure.
Sylvester Mubayi’s works are about the people of Zimbabwe, their socio cultural aspects, their rituals how they live and what they eat. His artworks were part of the 4th Edition of the Zimbabwe Pavilion at Venice Biennale. Some of his artworks that were on view included Mukadzi Ari Kukuya,Nhauriranwa and War Victim. These will be exhibited on the homecoming Deconstructing Boundaries exhibition to be held at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe  later this year.













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