week 17 of 2018

week17Artwork of the week by Thakor Patel: Zimbabwe, 1930, Untitled, 99x73cm, Gouache and Ink on Paper.1987. It is part of the NGZ permanent collection
This week the National Gallery of Zimbabwe celebrates World Graphic Design Day.

The day is set to challenge designers to mirror deeply on the welfare of people within their surroundings as they try to find ground-breaking solutions to certain necessities by using design to advance the quality of life. This day was set to celebrate the founding of ico-D in 1963 and has been celebrated since 1995 as World Graphic Design Day. Participants worldwide gather, innovate, and live out a moment of design by organising public events and initiatives on 27 April of each year. From 1982 to 1990 Patel lectured in graphic design at Harare Polytechnic. He uses abstract expressions in his work that stand to represent texture, form, space and colour. His work will always create a focal point that is zoned-in on unifying all the devices that are featured in the composition; when he creates a smoothly grained image in red, he will use touches of green in the most relevant location to the minutest detail in order to liven the image. He maintains a constant technique, and the viewer may find small illustrations on much plainer works being a step away from his traditional approach. The artwork above is typical of Patel's style- perspective put to the test with a computed landscape that features swatch-like doors which prove the ingenious use of colour the artist possesses. The background strewn by tiny astral points exude the aura that this is the artist's own pocket dimension or baby universe, malleable to his creative force and whim.













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